Friday, November 2, 2012

Pacifiers at Zazzle

One of the newest products at Zazzle are Pacifiers for your baby.  There are so many cute designs or you can make your own, even put a picture of your baby one.  Also available are a pouch and pacifier leash so you do not lose it and can keep it clean. These make great gifts with Christmas now fast approaching.  Here are a few fun one I came across.

A mustache for your little one!
Snooze Button Pacifier, don't you wish it would really work!
Alarm Baby Pacifier
Alarm Baby Pacifier by scribbleprints
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Do Not Disturb in a pretty pink color.
funny do not disturb baby pacifier
funny do not disturb baby pacifier by nadil2
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Big funny silly eyeballs on pink
Adorable colorful owls.
Custom picture of your baby.

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